Infectious Disease COVID-19

Potential roles of Antroquinonol in COVID-19…More


Golden Biotechnology Corporation is a Taiwanese based leading pharmaceutical company which dedicates to discovering new compounds and developing innovative therapeutics against serious and rare diseases in hopes to improve and promote a lasting quality of life, health and longevity…More

Information Regarding Expanded Access & Right to Try

When a patient does not respond to current approved treatments for a variety of reasons, other options still may be available. For serious and life-threatening illnesses, some patients may want to talk to their healthcare provider about other options of trying an investigational drug through “Expanded Access” or “Right to Try” applications…More

Antroquinonol (Hocena)-Clinical trials Information

Golden Biotechnology Corporation Antroquinonol (Hocena)-Clinical trials Information Clinical trials for Investigational Drug Antroquinonol (Hocena)…More

The Mechanism of Action of Antroquinonol: Anti-Cancer

Antroquinonol is to act as isoprenyltransferase inhibitor which indirectly blocks the prenylation of newly synthesized Ras and Ras-related GTPases superfamily proteins, leading to activation of autophagy and associated mode of cell death in cancer cells…More

Effects of Antroquinonol on Reducing Oxidative Stress /Anti-inflammation/Auto-immune Disorder/ Hyperlipidemia & Hypercholesterolemia :

Studies in the experimental mice model with “lupus nephritis” and “focal segmental glomerulosclerosis” successfully indicated the efficacy of Antroquinonol on auto-immune disease of lupus-induced renal failure, and in the meantime explained the rationale of inhibiting systemic inflammation…More

Outstanding Progress of Innovative New Drug Antroquinonol® 2019 -GoldenBiotech

Golden Biotechnology Corporation (GBC)(TW4132) was founded in 2002, is an innovative drug discovery and herbal supplement company dedicated to enhance lives by developing high quality products that prevent and treat diseases. The ubiquinone-like structure of Antroquinonol® (Hocena®) was discovered in 2006 by GBC in Taiwan…More