●European Commission has issued the Commission Implementing Decision that Antroquinonol is designated as an orphan medicinal product for the indication of treating pancreatic cancer.


●Golden Biotechnology Corp.’s New Drug Hocena for treating of cancer and hyperlipidemia won National Innovation Award in Taiwan.
●Golden Biotechnology Corp. won the Advance Queensland – Johnson & Johnson Innovation QuickFire Challenge Award with potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.


●Golden Biotechnology Corp. was granted 3 orphan drug designations for the treatment of pancreatic cancer , acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and liver cancer by US FDA.


●Antroquinonol® acquired patent「Methods and compositions for treating cancer metastasis」, patent No. US 8,648,117 B2.


●Winner of the 3rd National Industrial Innovation Award by MOEA, R.O.C
●Winner of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprises & Winner of Top 10 Outstanding Innovation and Leadership at the 15th Golden Peak Awards


●Winner of Top 10 Outstanding Enterprise by OEMA, R.O.C
●Winner of Top 10 Outstanding Manager by OEMA, R.O.C

US Patents of Antroquinonol®

1.Compounds from Antrodia camphorata (Patent No. US7,385,088)
2.Liver Protection Compounds of the Cyclohexenone Type from Antrodia camphorata (Patent No. US7,456,225)
3.Inhibition of Hepatitis B Virus by Cyclohexenone Compounds from Antrodia camphorata (Patent No. US7,411,003)
4.Anti-Fatigue Cyclohexenone Compounds from Antrodia camphorata (Patent No. US7,468,392)
5.Cyclohexenone Compounds from Antrodia camphorata to treat autoimmune diseases (Patent No. US7,501,454)
6.Cyclohexenone Compounds from Antrodia camphorata and application thereof (Patent No. US7,342,137)


●National Health Food Certificate for liver protection issued by Department of Health, Taiwan. (License #00124)
●National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award and the Silver Prize, Taiwan.


●National Innovation Award in the Innovative Technology Category for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Taiwan.
●Symbol of National Quality in Health Food Category by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Taiwan