GoldenBiotech Antroquinonol Selected as Potential Drug in Global Solicitation of Covid-19 Pneumonia Treament Projects

Mar.16, 2020

The fierce pandemic of 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pneumonia had caused global severe outbreaks and urgent demands of effective treatments . Golden Biotechnology Corp.(GBC)(TW4132) recently participated in a global solicitation of Covid-19 pneumonia treatment projects sponsored by MyBioGate,receiving about 300 treating projects from more than 20 countries around the world including diagnostic reagents, medical device and new drugs.

Currently, 21 treating projects have been selected after 2 rounds of selection by medical experts. The selected projects of products will be introduced by this cooperation platform to potential partners in China or abroad for investment or co-development matching. GBC’s Antroquinonol had been selected in the top 21 candidates of best treating projects in the first round of selection.

The sponsor MyBioGate, a Houston based premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving biotech and pharmaceutical clients, inviting companies that have the potential to treat the 2019 Novel coronavirus diseases(COVID-19).

Acc. to Dr. Today Su,CEO of Golden Biotech, “There are currently no FDA approved drugs or vaccines to treat Covid-19 Pneumonia.Most of the antiviral drugs that are known for upcoming clinical trials can only inhibit viral replication. In addition to the known anti-cancer effects of Antroquinonol,many studies revealed the inhibition effects of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses( also a RNA viruse as 2019nCov). Other tests have shown that in addition to suppressing the Ras-PI3K-MTOR signal pathway by regulating and activating the Endocytosis to inhibit the virus, it has a broad-spectrum virus suppression effect on various influenza viruses, and also has the ability to activate Nrf -2 but inhibits cytokines causing inflammation (such as MCP-1 and IL-6), and suppression of TGF-β1 to improve the progress of pulmonary fibrosis.

According to statistics of Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic in mainland China, many severe patients died of inflammatory cytokines storms and multiple organ failure. However, many patients with SARS coronavirus infection have often turned into pulmonary fibrosis and suffered from dyspnea for life.

Due to the long-term research on the treatment of viral infections and the safety verification has been obtained, GoldenBiotech will start the phase II clinical trial planning of ” pneumonia” and verify its efficacy based on the final clinical results.
An outbreak of Covid-19 has begun in the United States, and President Trump has announced national emergency and offered the Minister of Health greater authority for him to exempt relevant federal laws restrictions and allow hospitals and physicians to diagnose and treat patients in greater flexibility.

As COVID-19 Pneumonia is a life-threatening disease without approved treating drugs or affordable clinical trial available for patients to participate in, patients and physicians will be able to request the investigation drugs through special application.

MyBioGate initiated the “Global Novel Coronavirus Treating Project Matching” charity event, and invited more than 80,000 people from biomedical companies in North America, Europe, and Australia to the selection. The projects have brought together the world’s most advanced products to fight the epidemic from the contribution within the biopharmaceutical community. There were already 8 online roadshow forums conducted for the first selected 21 companies which will then be matching through the platform for investment and developing cooperation.

Review comments from Experts : “Antroquinonol is a small molecule drug with anti-cancer, immunomodulation, liver protection, and anti-inflammatory effects.
As a farnesyl transferase inhibitor, it blocks the RAS and RAS-related proteins from the mechanism. Post-translational modification to prevent cancer cell growth and block the RAS-RAF-MERK-ERK signaling pathway. It had been granted by US FDA and EMA for orphan drug designation certification.