Having won the MOEA’s 3rd National Industrial Innovation Award in 2013, Taiwan’s leading new drug development company GoldenBiotech has again been recognized by Taiwan’s government authority to be awarded the “Research and Development Innovation Award” in Taipei Biotech Awards 2014 from Taipei City government with its research “ Hocena ®: the new NSCLC clinical drug in worldwide with multi-indications development parallely.” on 19th September 2014.

Not only has Hocena® received the approval from both US FDA and TW FDA for clinical trial phase II study, the novel compound Antroquinonol has demonstrated breakthrough clinical effects on cancer treatment along with other multiple indications of new research on the way. The Taiwanese’s research demonstrates global competitiveness and continually targets the global markets in hope of acquiring patents for more than 20 indications in over 103 countries.

In 2010, GoldenBiotech received the approval from the US FDA to conduct a Phase I clinical trial in patients with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) for its new drug Hocena. In 2014, GoldenBiotech began recruiting patients in the USA for its Phase II clinical trial after the US FDA approval. In Taiwan the patient recruitment process for its Phase II clinical trials began from August 2014 after the TW FDA approval.